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There are a number of Astronomy books available in the stores. But it’s always difficult to decide which one to pick first! So, here is a quick guide suggesting the books on astronomy and its deep concepts for beginners.

As a child everyone wanders looking up in the sky. The stars, the sun, and the moon are surprising to us, as we grow up the magic of stars slowly fades away. But does it really fades for everyone? I think ‘no’ there are many things up in the sky which always fascinates us. the sky we look up to is full of mysteries, the Cosmos is absolutely an unending quest.

5 Best Astronomy Books You Must Read

Thankfully in today’s world, we have a number of resources available that may help us in learning such deep concepts and complex structures of the Universe as Stars, planets, galaxies, nebulas, and supernovas and one of the most controversial the black hole. (You may like to read one of our recent post on binary starts- Binary Star or Double Star | Why are Binaries Important?)

Learning these critical concepts on which eventually the future of humanity depends is as eye gasmic to eyes as is enjoyable to read. Matter of fact, it is not complicated but fun as we perceive.

Here are 5 Astronomy Books to Start your Journey to the Universe with a lot of fun along.

Time is the most fun concept to learn is written by Mr Stephen Hawking so beautifully that you’ll fall in love with this book. The story of humanity along with its journey of science from Aristotle, Ptolemy to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The times when people were in despair thinking that the sun revolves around Earth to the discovery of the black hole and the fate of the universe. The book became a bestseller and sold more than 10 million copies in 20 years. It was also on the London Sunday Times bestseller list for more than five years and was translated into 35 languages by 2001.

Hawking was diagnosed with an early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease (MND) still he managed to write this phenomenal book. Woah!! this book is a journey in itself and a Kickstarter for your Astronomical Conquest.

Another book which you will love to read is by Mr Carl Sagan, a revolutionary Astrophysicist who motivated an entire generation to pursue astronomy and Astrophysics. In Cosmos. One of Mr Sagan’s primary purposes for the book and television series was to explain complex scientific ideas to anyone interested in learning.


Cosmos spent 50 weeks on the Publishers Weekly best-sellers list and 70 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list to become the best-selling science book ever published at the time. The 13th Chapter of this book makes you go through different era not just of humans but of the Universe.

Written by Neil Degrasse Tyson, a student of Mr Carl Sagan and a renowned figure in the field of Astrophysics, one can say that he’s Carl for our generation. Being Carl’s student he tried to make people acquaint with everyday life to grasp the knowledge and Understanding and the simplest way possible.

In this book, Neil covers various aspects of the universe centring around several fundamental questions about the universe like How we fit in the Universe, How do space and time work, How humanity fits in the universe. Some of the most thought Provoking Question is answered in this book.

It’s notable that when it was released The book debuted at #1 on The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Seller list when it first appeared in May 2017.

This book is a sequel book Of Cosmos. The title pale blue dot is inspired by Pale Blue Dot a photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometres. The book was published the same year comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into Jupiter.
The fundamental aspect of this book is the Philosophy about the human place in the universe with a description of the current knowledge about the Solar System. Carl’s vision for the future of the human race is the core idea in this book.

Later in the book, Sagan’s wife, Ann Druyan, challenges readers to pick one of the other planetary dots photographed and featured in the book and imagine that there are inhabitants on that world who believe that the universe was created solely for themselves.

She shared Sagan’s belief that humans are not as important as they think they are. The famous lines from the pale blue Dot by Carl Sagal show that earth is just a small Planet in this Cosmic ocean, he quotes “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.” The ideas of religion are contemplated along with humanity’s research in the cosmos!

As the Theory of relativity was unable to answer all the questions of the universe, the quantum theory stepped in. Fundamental laws of the universe at the microscopic level became necessary to understand for a deeper understanding of the universe on a Supermassive scale.

The Quantum theory of relativity or also called the theory of everything would be a Final theory to explain everything. This Attempt is made by string theory which explains Superspace, hidden dimensions and the quest for the ultimate theory in the simplest way possible. This book covers all aspects of string and superstring theory.

This is one of the most exciting astronomy books to go further in the study of astronomy as well as particle physics. In 2000, it won the Royal Society Prize for Science Books and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize Nonfiction. A new edition was released in 2003, with an updated preface.

It’s notable that in ‘The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory’ Greene uses analogies and thought experiments to provide a means for the layman to come to terms with the theory which has the potential to create a unified theory of physics.

Each book covers a different aspect of the author’s view on astronomy and mankind along with it the development of the most diverse animal on the Planet and its growth along with the growth of Astronomy, well it is a must that we know what the universe around is and at the same time how fascinating it is.
All these 5 Astronomy Books the Journey of Cosmic conquest will be a Kickstarter yet most intriguing part of your life.

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