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Bacteria do not attack tooth suddenly or by chance, they grow over time due to the consumption of excess sweets, beverages containing acids, food debris, improper brushing, etc. It is essential to understand that once these microbes stick onto the tooth surface it creates an attachment between the microbe enzyme and the contents of the tooth, the microbes containing acid start deteriorating the tooth material initiating the dissolution of enamel, thus reaching the dentin over time and hence reaching the root canal stage.

What is the yellow layer on your tooth & How to get rid of it? | ScienceMonk

Ever noticed the rough yellow sheet over your tooth surface after every, lunch, breakfast, dinner, or any ongoing snack in our day to day routine. What exactly is this yellow layer onto the tooth surface, and why is it rough? The yellow layer we see on our tooth surface is nothing but a plaque biofilm.
The plaque biofilm is nothing but an arrangement of various microbes coming together through our different modes of food habitats and secrets acids and enzymes.