Why Second Choice Is Mars? Ask the Astronomer | ScienceMonk

Scientists have been trying to explore the possibilities of life in our solar system. The red planet, Mars has received the most attention. There were many rover missions to read that planet in recent decades. The total count to 56 mars missions so far, of which 26 have been successful. The prominent ones are from NASA.

Sagittarius A*- Our Nearest BlackHole | Do You Know Why It Is Quiet?

Sagittarius A* is the nearest supermassive black hole to the sun and provides a reasonable opportunity to find out how the mystifying giant works. the black holes in other galaxies are exceptionally dynamic with a large amount of matter falling into it in the process of feeding, the one in the Milky Way is relatively quiet in nature.

Cosmic Voids: Vast Empty Spaces Between Galaxy | ScienceMonk

cosmic voids

Cosmic voids are vast empty spaces between galaxy filaments (galaxy filaments are the largest known structures in the universe) which contain few or no galaxies. The recent study in “Evidence for Large-scale Fluctuations in the Metagalactic Ionizing Background Near Redshift Six” revealed that the intergalactic space was loaded up with gas that was much less transparent than it presently is, with variations from place to place, about 12 billion years prior.