The Emerging Perovskite Photovoltaics | ScienceMonk

The term “perovskite” was first used by Gustav Rose in 1839 when he discovered a new material based on Calcium Titanate (CaTiO3). He named this material “perovskite” after the Russian mineralogist Lev Von Perovski. The concept of perovskites was then changed to any material having a composition ABX3, and, since then, there have been a large number of discoveries of materials with the same composition. One of these has been halide perovskites based on caesium and lead.

Betelgeuse: One of the Brightest Stars in the Night Sky | Sciencemonk

At a distance of approximately 640 light years, we can find one of the biggest and brightest orange/red stars in our night sky. It is known as alpha-Orionis, or, more famously, Betelgeuse. Located in the Orion constellation, it represents the shoulder of the hunter. Despite being so far away, it is very bright because of its incredible size.