Difference between Viruses and Bacteria | ScienceMonk

Bacteria grow on other organisms, within an organism as well as on certain inorganic materials. Bacteria are capable of infecting almost all eukaryotic organisms like animals, fungi, and plants. Viruses, like bacteria, have multiple habitats. They are known as an obligate parasite that is capable of infecting both eukaryotes and prokaryotes such as animals, fungi, plants, archaeans, bacteria and more.

5 Best Astronomy Books You Must Read | Space | ScienceMonk

Here are 5 Astronomy Books to Start your Journey of Universe with lots of fun on along. Thankfully in today’s world, we have a number of resources available which may help us in learning such deep concepts and complex structures of the Universe like Stars, planets, galaxies, nebulas, and supernova and one of the most controversial the black hole.