Air Quality Index Or AQI, What Does It Mean? | Indoor & Outdoor Pollution

The Air Quality Index or AQI is a numerical scale used for reporting daily changes in the quality of the air of your local area, with regard to human health and the environment. Air pollution can harm anyone, but it can be really unsafe and hazardous for a lot of individuals, including infants and children, elderly people (anyone above 60 years of age), people with respiratory or cardiovascular disorders, etc. Even healthy individuals who are frequently working or exercising outdoors are at greater risk of being harmed by the hazards of air pollution.

Radioactive Pollution | Radiation | Types, Contamination & Prevention

Radioactive waste from the anthropogenic nuclear activities and army/defense-related nuclear weapon activities cause many problems. It is important to handle them carefully to protect the environment as well as living organisms for a better and safe tomorrow. They are in contact with a variety of radiations. If the level of the radioactive radiations exceeds a certain limit, it can cause harmful effects to living beings. This harmful effect of radiations emitted by radioactive elements is called radioactive pollution.