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By- Alisha Phillips, Psychologist
Co-author-Arz Hai and Err&Or
Co-founder Arz Hai

Exam Stress

If you are confused or have an upset stomach and feeling sick then most probably you are going through exam stress. It’s exam time! It is also the time for students to panic due to exam stress.

We either are or have been students at some point in our lives and to be one is not easy. We understand what you are going through, we know what the deal is all about.

exam stress


How To Deal With Exam Stress?

Ergo, let’s take a few minutes out of our time tables and take a look at some of the ways which can help us to sort our exam game in a better way. These are methods that are based on not only psychological aspects but also processes that we have tried in real life.

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  • The Academic Session Advantage-Regular studies reduce exam stress

The biggest mistake that students usually make, the error that we at Science Monk have made in our days as well, is that they procrastinate, and this ultimately leads to exam stress. Pushing everything for the end has a “volcano effect” which increases the levels of anxiety and ultimately results in a result that could have been better.

Regular studies is a must, revision of whatever is being taught in class must be done every day to avoid this situation at the end of the session. What is the point of making it worse for yourself, right?

Exam Stress

  • Take Breaks to Reduce stress

I still remember what my first psychology teacher had told me about exams. The thing that pairs up best with regular studies is taking a break right before the exams begin, and during the exams as well.

If and only if you have your course sorted, take some time to chill a day before the exam. Go watch your favourite movie, listen to some music, treat yourself to something good! This does not mean to absolutely let it go and risk falling ill. It simply means that you need to give your brain a little break. Let it relax and reboot itself. 

Exam Stress

  • Sleep Rules!

Do you know how your brain consolidates your memories while you sleep? No? Well, to put it in simple words, when you go to sleep, your brain goes on a mission to organize all the haphazard information that it has received through the day and set them in their right places.

(Ergo the dreams.) Sleep, therefore, becomes quite an essential part of exams and helps you remember things better. If you have ever tried to fill a box with flour, trying to settle the granules into a layer to fit the whole packet in one box, this is almost how sleep helps in resolving the information in the brain.

  • Positive People Around You keeps you stressfree

We are always surrounded by various kinds of people. To put them into two categories means to set them into those who bring you down, and those who motivate you. Which group would you choose to surround yourself with during your exams?

That’s right, the second category. Keep your eyes and ears open for things that can help you during this time and closed for those that would do more harm than good. Keep in mind while talking to your classmates that they can intentionally or unintentionally cause you to distress or confuse you about something related to your studies.

Keep yourself away from such possibilities, instead talk to people who can guide you in a positive way and those who can clear your doubts.

  • Reading out Loud your lesson will definitely help to reduce your exam stress

When in stress or when getting pulled into negative thoughts, a good psychological trick is to tell yourself to stop, out loud. It is a proven technique which is also used in therapy to help people who think negative, to prevent that negative thinking.

The same can be applied to stressful thoughts during examinations. A technique to maintain concentration and increase content retaining capacity is to study by reading out loud. Hearing yourself not only clarifies thoughts but also helps in focusing your thoughts on a particular thing and stopping them from wandering.

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Organization Of Your Work

1. Learn ABCD
2. Learn words and their meaning
3. Learn the framing of sentences
Now, you would not go to the second point first, then move on to the third, and then on the first, would you? While studying, the organization of the study matter is essential. The connectivity of the topics helps in organizing thoughts and making sense out of them. It also helps in increasing the retaining capacity of the memory. Another function of organizing is to help in completing the required course in time.

  • Don’t neglect your Health-Eat healthily

Health is always the first. Students usually tend to ignore their physical health during examination time. Big mistake. Eating good, drinking lots of water, providing your body with the essentials and a bit more, goes a long way in helping you during exams.

The body and mind need to be in balance for you to function properly. Both depend on each other and assist each other in performing better. Exercise is essential along with good food, it makes the body and mind feel better with more efficient functioning.

So, these are some of the methods that we have listed for you to help in performing better in exams. You may have some ways of your own.

There is always subjectivity when it comes to things related to the human mind, so you can choose which methods work best for you, and can develop your own ways to do better!

All the best for your exams!

Feel free to comment below and tell us what are your most fearful experiences during exams.

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