Radioactive Pollution | Radiation | Types, Contamination & Prevention

Radioactive waste from the anthropogenic nuclear activities and army/defense-related nuclear weapon activities cause many problems. It is important to handle them carefully to protect the environment as well as living organisms for a better and safe tomorrow. They are in contact with a variety of radiations. If the level of the radioactive radiations exceeds a certain limit, it can cause harmful effects to living beings. This harmful effect of radiations emitted by radioactive elements is called radioactive pollution.

The Emerging Perovskite Photovoltaics | ScienceMonk

The term “perovskite” was first used by Gustav Rose in 1839 when he discovered a new material based on Calcium Titanate (CaTiO3). He named this material “perovskite” after the Russian mineralogist Lev Von Perovski. The concept of perovskites was then changed to any material having a composition ABX3, and, since then, there have been a large number of discoveries of materials with the same composition. One of these has been halide perovskites based on caesium and lead.