Previous Year Question Papers || 10 Reasons Why You Should Solve The Previous Year Question Papers || 2019 Exams

10 Reasons, why you should solve the previous year question papers for your upcoming exams are important to read to score high. Board exams are one of the biggest nightmares from which everyone passes through. Be it board exams or any of the competitive exams doubts are always there in our mind. and we need a reliable reference that may guide us in our preparation.

Even after preparing with all our might and willpower, there is always a bit of doubt in our mind for one thing or the other. So here the best way is to understand the trend of the exam.

One of the best companions in our preparation is previous year question papers, be it solved or unsolved, doesn’t matter.

Here are the 10 reasons why one must solve the previous year question papers while preparing for their exams.

1- Understanding the battlefield before the battle

If you know the type of question being asked in the exam then you won’t waste time understating the pattern of the question paper. In this case, you will start focusing directly on reading the question and start writing as soon as you find which question to answer first.

The chance of winning a battle for a king increase if he knows the field and makes a strategy before going to the battlefield. Similarly, previous year question papers give you an idea of a type of questions asked in the board exam and then it can help you in predicting the next year’s type of questions.

2- Maximum Marks gaining strategy

The marking scheme tells you up to what depth or on which format you must prepare a particular topic in order to answer a question.

For example, in maths, if the question is asked for 3 and 4 marks only, then don’t expect to get a one-liner type of solution questions. and focus on all the big and difficult questions.

But on the contrary in a chemistry paper of 10th ICSE board exam maximum questions asked are of the one-word type. So in this case, learning the definition and a long preparation of chemicals only won’t work. One has to prepare thoroughly for each and every topic and in a one-word pattern.

3- Knowing the Right track

Solving previous year question papers helps to in realizing your correct track. we start preparing for the exam but how can we be sure that we are on the right track. what will ensure our success after studying the whole year? Here comes the important role played by previous year question papers. After finishing a particular chapter now start solving the question of that particular chapter from the previous year question papers, if you solve it easily then congrats you are on the right track, but if you are unable to solve it then sorry, you need to change your strategy or work harder.

For both the cases you need to solve the papers first then only you will get to know where you are.

4-Beat the Fear

No doubt everyone is under pressure while preparation. and at this time a boost in confidence is very important. Solving the previous year question paper will add confidence to you.

5-Understanding the key areas

Going through the previous year’s question papers will tell you what are the important areas of the syllabus. suppose there are two sections, one is compulsory and the other is optional. In this case, you will try to prepare all the chapters very carefully from which it is expected the question will be asked in compulsory part, whereas you can prepare for the optional chapters with second preference.

10 Reasons Why You Should Solve The Previous Year Question Papers
10 Reasons Why You Should Solve The Previous Year Question Papers

6-Time Management

Time management during an exam is a key factor to score well. even if you know the answer to all the questions asked but you are unable to answer all of them in a given time frame, then there is no use of knowing the answer because it didn’t add any marks.

And here comes the role of previous year question papers. practicing to solve the question paper in a given time frame, again and again, will help you gaining speed in solving the question.

7- Right way of answering the question

Writing your answer in a proper manner is also very important to score well. by practicing the previous year question papers one gets an experience of giving the answer or solving a math problem in a proper manner.

It tells you the weaker and stronger sections of your preparation. and then you can work on your weaker section and do well in that part too.

8- Working on broken links

The offices only release a set of 5-6 page syllabus. syllabus only tells you the topics on which questions can be asked. But it’s difficult to predict the difficulty level of the questions. so it’s easy to know from the previous year’s papers. Many books are published and the basis of these syllabi, but on which book you should trust is a bit difficult task. here question papers from the previous year help you a lot in understanding which book you should refer to, and whatever topics are missing in the book out of which the questions are asked, can be prepared from some other reliable source.

9- Mythbuster

In today’s world, there are a number of rumors in the market about important notes and relevant study material. many say that solving only previous 10-year question papers can easily give 60% marks in the exam.

it as completely wrong previous year papers should be taken as a reference and for practicing. First, you should prepare the chapter from your book and then refer to these papers.

10-Self Assessment

Based on the marks you score by solving these papers, you can assess your level of preparation. now you know yourself better and manage your time accordingly. Either there is a need to work on basics or time management and speeding up your calculation, you know where to work.

The above two points are the reasons why you should solve the previous year’s question papers. they must be a part of your library. It must be referred to every time you finish a chapter. all the questions related to the chapter should be solved carefully from all the papers.

One important thing to be noticed is previous year question papers should be solved for the previous 10 years at most, or from the updated syllabus only.

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