Betelgeuse: One of the Brightest Stars in the Night Sky | Sciencemonk

At a distance of approximately 640 light years, we can find one of the biggest and brightest orange/red stars in our night sky. It is known as alpha-Orionis, or, more famously, Betelgeuse. Located in the Orion constellation, it represents the shoulder of the hunter. Despite being so far away, it is very bright because of its incredible size.

The Development of Kepler’s Law of Planetary Motion: An Overview

He stated in his work “I wanted to become a theologian, and for long I was uneasy, but now, see how through my efforts God is being celebrated in Astronomy.” In this work, he considered Sun being the center of the system and planets revolving around it in circles in their orbits. Though, he gave the wrong description of planetary orbits.

5 Best Astronomy Books You Must Read | Space | ScienceMonk

Here are 5 Astronomy Books to Start your Journey of Universe with lots of fun on along. Thankfully in today’s world, we have a number of resources available which may help us in learning such deep concepts and complex structures of the Universe like Stars, planets, galaxies, nebulas, and supernova and one of the most controversial the black hole.